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Anonymous asked:

is that tyler hoechlin tweet of his legs real?


Yeah, Tyler did it a few months ago when he was drunk, but then took it down the morning after

That isn’t accurate that tweet was on a fake hoechlin Twitter if you look at the leg hair it completely different than his. Look at the pic where he is playing xbox with posey and he has board shorts on it darker ans curlier not nearly that long. Or even more recent ones where he is wearing shorts its not him.

onetwanon asked:

Did you know until the beginning of the con that Tyler Hoechlin wouldn't sign anything Sterek related or it came as surprise to you too?


That’s not true, Tyler NEVER refused to sign ANYTHING during the Wolf Moon Con. Whoever said that is LYING and they know it.

The staff of the convention, NOT TYLER, told a fan he couldn’t give Tyler a sterek book to sign, NOT BECAUSE IT WAS STEREK, but because it had explicit images that could make the guests uncomfortable. We would stop that kind of pictures whatever the pairing in it was.

So stop please with the sterek ban thing, because that’s not true.

Richard Linklater Setting Lineup Card For Baseball Movie

EXCLUSIVE: Fresh from his time lapse masterpiece Boyhood, Richard Linklater is casting for That’s What I’m Talking About, the baseball-themed film he’ll make next. I’m told he has offered the three leads to these actors: Glee’s Blake Jenner, Teen Wolf’s Tyler Hoechlin, and 22 Jump Street’s Wyatt Russell. They’ve each got an offer to play one of the lead baseball players.

The film is said to be very much in tone similar to Linklater’s stoner classic Dazed And Confused, which launched a ton of talent that included future Oscar winners Ben Affleck and Matthew McConaughey. This one is set in 1980, and a college freshman moves into the baseball house at his college and experiences a fraternity like lifestyle with his hard partying teammates.


Anonymous asked:

Dude, I kind of wonder about Megan, with the things she keep saying about Tyler H. he looks as uncomfortable about it as he looked when Stephen made some similar comments. Like, ok we get it, you find him attractive, but respect the guy since he doesn't look happy with how you treat him. I'm a woman and I feel bad with the comments she makes. If she seemed to be close to him like Jill I would say nothing, but they don't seem to be very close to each other


Hello flower,

I haven’t really watched TW, but I’ve noticed some of what you speak.

So the thing with Tyler Hoechlin is, he isn’t that comfortable when people are speaking about his physical attributes, he gets kind of embarrassed, this is more evident when it’s strangers who do it. It looks like it’s ok when it’s people he’s closer to who he knows are doing it for fun, like Jill and Dylan.

I think it’s also clear that he doesn’t have a personal friendship with Megan, and you’re so right it’s really not right to objectify the man and eschewing his talents, because those are parts that deserve to be acknowledged and a more sensitive person would see he wasn’t comfortable and stop.

I can honestly say I don’t really know much about Megan Tandy except she seems to rub people wrong quite a bit, and this seems one of the instances where she’s been genuinely off putting and it isn’t something imagined by fandom. You’d hope as an actress she’d be more observant of people and not reduce them to how hot they are. (which is not feminism, it’s never alright to reduce someone’s worth to their physical beauty)

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